Compson develops, owns, operates, and manages each of its projects with genuine and continuous concern. The key to the firm’s success is maintaining complete control of each process with a degree of personal involvement that is unsurpassed by their peers. This hands-on approach is what sets Compson so poignantly apart from many other real estate developers.

Needless to say, Compson’s personnel are the reason that such achievements are possible. The firm is comprised of a select group of individuals who share the same unwavering spirit of pride that has been passed down from generation to generation. The personal qualities that shape Compson’s extraordinary group are talent, dedication, skill, and experience. These elements, combined with a solid sense of teamwork, produce a remarkable energy that is clearly evident in every project. Compson believes that the greatest tool any person can possess in our industry is to “Build with Integrity.”

  • Multifamily/ Mixed Use Development
  • Custom Estate Homes
  • Renaissance Commons Management
  • Renaissance commons Realty
  • Hi-Rise Development
  • Renaissance Self Storage
  • Commercial Development